[Comments-fy19-budget-19jan18] FY19 Budget Comment

Cole, Mason (Perkins Coie) MCole at perkinscoie.com
Fri Feb 16 17:46:03 UTC 2018

As an 18-year participant in ICANN, I can testify to the time and difficulty involved in learning about ICANN policy development, developing new relationships with ICANN colleagues, and keeping abreast of critical issues.

An indispensable tool for keeping up-to-date is ICANNWiki.  I see with dismay that ICANN has proposed an elimination of funding for this resource, which I believe would be a short-sighted mistake.  ICANNWiki is an outstanding example of resourcefulness and the dedication of community-minded professionals who identified a need and moved with initiative to productively fulfill it.

I recognize the need for ICANN to wisely allocate its resources.  I do not, however, support the sudden withdrawal of this modest contribution to community learning and productivity.  Better that ICANN collaborate with ICANNWiki to fund the project while helping develop alternative sources of sponsorship.  I hope ICANN org will reconsider its current thinking on this matter.

I offer this comment in my personal capacity.

Mason Cole


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