[Comments-fy19-budget-19jan18] Maintain the number of ICANN Fellows and NextGen

Sarah Kiden skiden at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 17:35:10 UTC 2018

With reference to the FY19 draft ICANN budget (
I would like respond to section 2.5.2: Reductions to Engagement and
Community Support, specifically the item on Fellows/NextGen. I would like
to add my voice and request that the numbers of Fellows and NextGen to be
maintained at 60 and 20 respectively.

Reference is made to a 4 part blog series to celebrate 10 years of the
ICANN Fellowship Program, authored by Janice Douma Lange, where she
highlighted over 35 fellows who since their first fellowship experience
have joined the ICANN Board, Staff, have Leadership Positions or are active
in the Community. Some NextGen participants have also joined the Community
and continue to be active.

   - Part 1:
   - Part 2: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/the-fellowship-spirit
   - Part 3: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/the-fellowship-spirit-en
   - Part 4:

Reference is also made to the ICANN Fellowship survey conducted in 2017 (
which indicated that 198 out of the total fellowship recipients were
engaged in Communities like At-Large, GNSO (CSG & NCSG), RSSAC,etc, while
others are active in their local/regional I* activities. From the survey,
61% of those who are not involved sighted lack of funding as a reason for
their lack of participation while 31% said they were not clear on how to
engage. These can be mentored to become valuable members of the community.
Reducing these numbers would further reduce the number of newcomers to each

In addition, Sally Costerton's blog (
highlights some of the benefits of the fellowship program thus far.

I signed a petition (
to save the ICANN fellowship program and shared the link with other
colleagues. The discussion that followed was interesting and it gave each
one of us a moment of self-reflection. Like other programs, the fellowship
program is not without fault. Instead, I request that a review be done to
assess how the program has evolved from when it started in 2007 and how it
is performing currently.  A decision can be made after such a review has
been conducted.

Kind regards,

Sarah Kiden
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