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Dear All,


It is surprising to hear that ICANN is considering withdrawing its support
to ICANNwiki.  ICANNwiki is an invaluable, educational resource for people
to learn about the ICANN Community.   A trusted site where internet users
can learn about different TLDs in an easily accessible, standard yet
informative format. This not only benefits users today but also a resource
that applicants can learn about ICANN, the community and the TLD ecosystem.
It is also a great resource for future applicant support candidates, to not
only understand all of the different aspects in a ICANN jargon friendly
manner but as an expert resource.  While I fully support ICANN being
fiscally responsible, the insignificant donation to ICANNwiki when compared
to ICANN's $127.5 million dollar operational budget. The value it provides
to the wider community far exceeds the cost even when ignoring any related
saving achieved through ICANNWiki's operations.




Christa Taylor


Christa Taylor

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