[Comments-fy19-budget-19jan18] Comments on my personal capacity about changes in the ICANN Budget and possible impact in the community

Olga Cavalli olgacavalli at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 05:29:21 UTC 2018


I have been a long-standing active member of the ICANN community in many
capacities an in different SO, ACs and CCWGs, as well as supporting
capacity development in the LAC region through initiatives like the South
School on Internet Governance SSIG and Dominios LatinoAmerica. In all of my
capacities, and based on my experience, I strongly believe that:

- ICANN should continue to fund ICANNWiki and the service it provides to
the community. They provide outreach, capacity development, and great
content spread across all regions. Their role in the LAC region has been
recognized by many and has been included in the LAC Strategy Renewal
2018-2020. The complete discontinuation of funding to ICANNWiki would be
short-sighted and disregard the investment by both the community and ICANN
itself that has built ICANNWiki into a critical part of the community over
the years.

- ICANN should keep and enhance the fellowship program, the on
boarding program, the next gen program and very important also should keep
and enhance the travel support for members of the SO and ACs. This travel
support for both new comers and experienced and very active members of the
ICANN community are of high importance for developing and least developed
economies and essential to the policy work that ICANN does. It is the only
way to ensure that a real international community is active
and participating.

The travel support to SO and ACs and also the different program
for newcomers  could be maintained and even enhanced by using creative ways
of making them more sustainable. Some ideas: offer different types of
fellowships, like partial funding (ticket or hotel), offer only full
fellowship for those participants that do really need it to participate,
let those who want to travel business and can afford it make an upgrade
on their own, among other ideas that may come up.

Thanks for letting me send these comments.

Best regards

Olga Cavalli
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