[Comments-gnso-rpm-pdp-phase-1-final-recommendations-07apr21] GNSO Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs Policy Development Process Phase 1

S. R. D. A. saymonrhuano at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 11:59:24 UTC 2021

The Federal NIC, operator of .fed.rep.br (FEDerative REPublic of BRazil),
whose suffix (ccSLD) is intended for domain names for foreign organizations
and individuals, such as emabiaxadas, consulates, diplomatic
representations, international companies and others, it comes through this
participation to contribute on the aspects of rights in relation to gTLDs.

1 - ICANN has in recent years adopted a business model for new gTLDs
without authorization from the global community, allowing the creation of
several useless gTLDs or confusing gTLDs.

Some examples can be mentioned, such as:

.work and .works,
.photo, .photos and .photography,
.xyz, .ooo, .final, .gdn and etc ...

2 - There is a problem related to .WED, which has not yet been solved. This
problem can be used as an alert for domain registrants in new gTLDs, as
ICANN in all requests for clarification on how the .WED problem would be
resolved, ICANN itself, has not responded.

3 - Price variation is the high price increase of new gTLDs, it is causing
problems for consumers, who are unable to pay for expensive domains, such
as .cars, .hiv, .bank and others.

4 - ICANN should form a committee to define which new gTLDs are in the
public interest, and define its own policies to protect these gTLDs from
possible bankruptcy or other operational problems.

5 - ICANN should always promote a public tender to choose new operators for
legacy gTLDs and public interest gTLDs, as this will win the best that it
offers cost-benefit.

6 - ICANN must combat possible monopolies, such as Verisign, Donuts,
Godaddy Registry and other large operators, as this business model is
detrimental to the consumer and the domain market.

Sincerely, Federal NIC

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