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Victor Zhang zhangkai at ming.ltd
Wed Sep 26 02:03:34 UTC 2018

Dear Sir or madam ,
 My  comments are as follows ,
First, we understand that there are a few TLDs have been put in the forbidden list resulted from the early study on name collision. Before the new round of New gTLD program begins, we hope that ICANN can look for one or more third-party organizations to re-evaluate these strings and consult with the community for the availability of the strings as TLDs. We also think that the former applicants for these forbidden TLDs will have priority to apply. 

Second, we strongly recommend differentiating the application fees between ASCII and IDN TLDs, and lower the cost of IDN application. We also believe that ICANN should adjust the application procedures to make the local brand owners more easily to apply for the IDN TLDs of their brands.

Best wishes,

Victor Zhang 

from ming.Ltd Group ,Hangzhou, China 

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