[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] Proposed renewal of .info registry agreement

Kathy Cooksey kcooksey at hawaii.edu
Thu Apr 25 20:33:26 UTC 2019

Aloha ICANN representative,

Please continue restricting what whole registries can charge per domain
name per year.  The price cap helps keep the internet "open to all", which
is "at the heart of ICANN's policy-makiing," to quote icann.org.  I have
registered igmabsorbers.info for several years now to disseminate the
results of my astronomical research.    I currently $15/yr out of my own
pocket to provide this service to the astronomical community (both
professional and amateur).  If this grows too large (say $50–$100), it will
not be worth it.  This may happen eventually with the current 10% fee
increase in the ICANN contracts but removing the cap will expedite the
closing of my site.

Mahalo for your consideration,

Dr. Kathy Cooksey
kcooksey at hawaii.edu  |  Ph. 808.932.7195  |  Rm. STB219
Associate Professor of Astronomy
University of Hawai'i at Hilo
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