[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] ICANN Proposal on Renewal of .INFO Agreement

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Fri Apr 26 00:14:03 UTC 2019

Dear Sir/Ms.,

I am concerned about your proposal of changes to the agreement between yourself and the registrar for the .info, top level domain.

I am a private citizen, who has bought a domain name that includes the TLD, .info. I have attempted to review the ICANN proposal and the areas outlined with regard to .info TLD; I am disappointed to find that even the summary is abstruse, preventing full comprehension of the proposal. As this is the case, I, rightly, or wrongly, draw the conclusion that ICANN is about to introduce the laissez faire doctrine to an area of the internet that up to this point, enjoys historical protection from this type of market force.

To deregulate pricing of gTLDs is to place severe restrictions on access to the internet of organisations that would provide valuable information for public consumption. Such a move may also cause genuine information services that utilise the .info TLD to cease providing their services, owing to exorbitant pricing.

I am somewhat aware that measures are being introduced to increase security and data protection of human persons, with regard to registries and registrars. I accept that there is a cost for this necessary provision, but viewing the proposal, I did not find any information, or more probable, could not identify, where it is explicitly stated that the freedom of the Public Interest Registry to set its own pricing tariffs is as a result of the provision of cyber-security and data protection.

I wholly disagree with the proposal, to the extent that I understand it. I believe that permitting the Public Interest Registry to set its own pricing tariffs would be a retrograde step that ultimately, benefits very few. I, therefore, urge you to reconsider introducing the proposal upon renewal of the agreement between ICANN and Afilias. I would also ask you to do the same for the registries of the .org and .biz gTLDs.

Yours sincerely,

Stanley Davis

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