[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .info Registry Agreement

Saevon Kyomae saevon.kyomae at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 17:56:43 UTC 2019

This applies to most well known TLDs: .org, .biz, *.info*, .com.

This is basically sanctioning extortion, a domain name is closer to a
trademark, except a company is apparently not allowed to own it... instead
they must keep "leasing" their trademark from a registrar. What do I get
for improving my domain name (making my business known, improving public
trust, running a well known blog/ news site)? Clearly higher rent costs on
that same name.

The Registry Operator is not going to be passing along actual business
costs, or selling "domain-names with more value-added-benefits"... they
know their audience has no choice but to pay.

Effectively this is like the insulin price hike: morally wrong. Yet with
ICANN backing off, you expect the Registry Operator to police themselves.
OR their audiences to do so (by switching registrars? most will likely
follow suit as they're businesses)
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