[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] protest against price cap removal

Robert Puskas rpuskas0 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 21:40:29 UTC 2019


I'd like to express my concern about your proposed removal of price caps on
.info domains, as these domains are mainly used by non-profit organizations
and individuals, who are not making money through their webpages. As the
domain name itself suggests, websites using such a domain are purely for
providing information about the individual and/or organization and as such
removing the price cap will inevitably result in drastic price increases in
the following years, which will put a completely unnecessary extra burden
on people already using such a domain. Let me repeat, most of these
people/organizations do not make money with websites using this domain, so
removing the price cap would be highly unfair towards them. Please leave
these individuals/organizations a cheap way to provide information about
themselves without the need to resort to exotic, hard to remember, and in
many cases completely unprofessional domains.

I understand the need for ever increasing profits, but why tax non-profit
people? I'm sure large international companies such as Google, Amazon,
Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, Ebay, etc. are more than capable of handling the
extra charges, but for small people and non-profit organizations this extra
burden might be just too high.

Thus, because of the aforementioned reasons, I hereby protest against the
proposed removal or price caps, and ask you (ICANN) to remove the passage
describing the abolition of existing price caps. Price caps were there for
a good reason in the past, and those reasons still exist.

Thank you in advance.

    -- Robert Puskas --
- rpuskas0 at gmail.com -
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