[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] Increased risk of price gauging if price caps are removed

Paul van den Burg icann at paulvandenburg.nl
Mon Apr 29 18:58:36 UTC 2019

I'm very concerned about this proposal to remove the price caps on the .org and .info TLDs.
Competition to keep prices low and fair only works if there are actual competitors. However by design there is only one vendor for each TLD which prevents any competition.
Competition from other TLDs is barely existing. As an domain is of great value for a company as well as consumers and can't be easily replaced by a domain with a different TLD. Which makes the current domain owners very vulnerable for price gauging from the practical monopoly the current TLD vendors have.

Such monopolies can only work if there is a strict regulation of the market, for which the current price caps seem to suffice fine.

Additionally there seems to be no benefit for removing the price caps. The only people to possibly benefit are the current owners of the TLD while hurting all current owners of a domain. It is definitely not going to reduce prices, because they were free to do so already.

-Paul van den Burg
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