[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] Don't remove price caps

Mike Thomas thomas.mike at gmail.com
Fri May 3 04:12:25 UTC 2019

I disagree with the proposed direction of removing price increase caps on
.biz, .org, and .info domain registrations. Without price caps, it is
likely that the costs associated with owning such domains will
significantly rise.

I'm the owner of several small online community websites that earn limited
income. When they started over 15 years ago, they earned nothing. My
experiences creating and operating these websites led me to meet and make
friends from around the world, fostered my interest in computer science and
software engineering, and in no small part led to my current professional
employment at a major U.S. technology company.

Without a cheap price on domain names, my websites would have never gotten
started and I would not have had the rich experiences that followed. These
days, I can absorb additional increases in the cost of domain name
ownership, at least to an extent. But today's younger version of me cannot.

Please reconsider.

Mike Thomas
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