[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] Comment on removing price caps

Dale Magee antisol at antisol.org
Thu Apr 25 12:16:33 UTC 2019

This is a joke, right?

Legacy gTLDs are obviously and fundamentally different from for-profit
new gTLDs and should be treated that way. Legacy TLDs are what the
internet was built on. They are essentially a public trust. They are
very different than new gTLDs which were created, bought and paid for by
private parties. Registrants of these legacy extensions should be
entitled to price predictability & stability. It's why I run .org, .biz,
and .info domains rather than any of the new TLDs.

This is nothing other than sheer, naked greed. Advancements in
technology should be driving the cost of operating a registry down, yet
prices keep going up? Removing price caps is unfair to the millions of
domain registrants. They will have no price protections. Every
registrant will be at the complete mercy and whims of the registry. This
could result in a transfer of funds from millions of non-profits to one
non-profit, with no benefits to the domain registrants.

ICANN is supposed to represent a "bottom up, consensus-driven
multistakeholder model". ICANN should not unilaterally impose URS in
legacy TLDs when that issue is precisely what is being examined by the
volunteer ICANN Working Group who has been mandated to review this issue.

ICANN should be looking out for the .org registrants, in particular the
non-profits. There is no "public benefit" justification to these
changes. It is just a handout to business at the expense of registrants’
rights and protections. Where are the protections for the millions of
domain registrants that this could effect in a negative way? These
changes would give way too much power to the registry. This is not
acceptable for a "public benefit" organization that exists to represent
many stakeholders. By even proposing this ICANN has undermined its own
legitimacy in my mind.

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