[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] (no subject)

Nemanja Lukić nemanja at udarnik.net
Thu Apr 25 12:55:49 UTC 2019

     Dear ICANN,

   As an owner of a few INFO domains, I see myself affected by the 
proposal to remove the price cap and liberalise the market. This measure 
is clearly in favour of big business where the small owners like myself 
would be big losers. The domains I own are not, and will not be used for 
business purposes–that is, they are not intended to generate any profit. 
I pay for them out my own pocket from my day-to-day labour activity.
   Removing the price cap would kill those domains unable to keep up 
with the prices that the market might impose and would definitely impair 
Internet as we know it since it would remove a layer of users and sites 
which strive to provide common good free of charge.

Kind regards,
Nemanja Lukic

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