[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] .Info and .Biz price cap

Tureac Petrisor-Stefan jestaphus at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 25 14:04:59 UTC 2019


Raising the price caps for certain domains.... seems to me as a greedy
The removal of the price cap provisions on the .info gTLD is an awful and
terrible error.
I think that the only reason for this is for the Registry Operators to make
more money.
The operating costs for gTLDs have gone down lately and that there is
nothing restricting an entity registering .org domains from also
registering new gTLDs and this makes no sense.
The only people after this *wrong* raise... who will benefit are
stakeholders in companies, while the people who actually create the
internet that ICANN is a steward of will suffer.
The internet is for everyone, with its services, domains... and so on. Lets
keep it this. As an owner of many info domains I SAY "NO" to this raise.
It is just a breach of trust and a failure of duty, from your part ICANN.
I wonder if you, as an entity - ICANN - are really and truly trying to help.
I'm affraid that if you raise the price for .info domains, it will lead to
....*CORPORATE ABUSE*... as a fellow domain owner said!

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