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Cory L. Curtis cory at palmtek.com
Thu Apr 25 14:16:05 UTC 2019

I'm concerned,
It is unnecessary to increase prices of domain name registration. You haven't even PROVEN a need to do so and people close to the issue have confirmed that ICAAN makes too much money already. If you want to do something meaningful, stop registrars from having the ability to purchase domain names to resell. GoDaddy for example purchases the domains you search for if you don't immediately buy them. When you revisit their site hours later because you decided to buy it, GoDaddy now owns it and you have to pay a premium for it. This is a completely unethical practice and if ICAAN has any ethics at all, and I seriously doubt they do, they would put an end to registrars having more than one domain only to operate from. NO MORE THAN ONE DOMAIN PER REGISTRAR!
Do something meaningful and leave domain prices alone forever.
There also needs to be an end to domain repurchasing companies that buy expiring domains. It completely eliminates the average consumer from being able to acquire an expired domain unless you pay these asshats to acquire an expired domain.
Again, do something meaningful for a change other than just existing.

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