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Fire Dragon firedragon33 at gmx.com
Thu Apr 25 14:49:17 UTC 2019

I can't afford paying more for just a word which a domain usually is. I
have moved some of my other domains from a Polish registrar to avoid
their ridiculous fees which were 3x more than Namecheap offers.
Considering our foreign currencies exchange rates, where the USD is more
expensive than Polish Zloty, still buying the domain was much more
affordable from the US based company than here. I am finally happy to
own an educational .info domain which is attached to a 13 years old
magazine about philodendron plants and gardening. This domain helps
every person interested in the topic to find the magazine much easier
online than before and I can put it on my namecards without worrying it
would look too long, unlike a subdomain. For many years I was using a
little useful subdomain and my magazine was difficult to be listed in
ie. Google search results. The .info domain is my well-thought choice of
many other affordable domains and it clearly suggests the website I own
offers information. My website is designed and developed by myself only,
a private person, not a school or organization thus .edu wouldn't do for
me and would be too expensive as well. I don't make a living from my
website but I help people learn about and love plants which I do through
posting an original content, doing a research and observation. Donations
didn't work to cover the domain costs so I have to cover all the costs
by myself. It's difficult being unemployed. Buying a domain is perhaps
cheap but prolonging costs way too much. No monopolist can force me to
pay more for knowledge, skills and gifts I am willing to share for free
with other passionate people. Sharing useful knowledge is a gift and is
a service to others as well, unlike egoistic approach to the Internet
users which ICANN clearly has had.

Best Regards,

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