[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] Please retain all price caps

Hilary Bryan, CMA hairybrain at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:22:34 UTC 2019

I am a registrant of both .com and .org domains.

ICANN should retain price caps on on all .org, .info, and .biz top level domains. Removing caps would significantly increase wholesale prices and contribute to price creep across the board. This is unfair for organizations that are out here serving the public good. This is wrong and inconsistent with ICANN’s mission.
ICANN policy making is supposed to be a ‘bottom up, multi-stakeholder model’.
I believe that legacy gTLDs are fundamentally different from for-profit new gTLDs. Legacy TLDs are essentially a public trust, unlike new gTLDs which were created, bought and paid for by private interests. Registrants of legacy TLDs are entitled to price stability and predictability, and should not be subject to price increases with no maximums. Unlike new gTLDs, registrants of legacy TLDs registered their names and made their online presence on legacy TLDs on the basis that price caps would continue to exist.

Unrestrained price increases on the millions of .org registrants who are not-for-profits or non-profits would be unfair to them.  Unchecked price increases have the potential to result in hundreds of millions of dollars being transferred from these organizations to one non-profit, the Internet Society, with .org registrants receiving no benefit in return.  ICANN should not allow one non-profit nearly unlimited access to the funds of other non-profits.

ICANN appears to be entirely catering to registries by removing price caps. ICANN should stand up for the public interest and registrants!

Hilary Bryan
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