[Comments-korean-lgr-25jan18] Necessity of Hangul-Hanja mixed writing?

라이리트 laaileet at naver.com
Tue Jan 30 13:36:27 UTC 2018

Hello. I'm a South Korean citizen.
I read this proposal just few hours ago. It's very interesting proposal. For some purposes Hanja-only domain names would be very useful. It's very easy to type Hanja-only in both PC and smartphones(mobile environment). So suggestions for adding Hanja-only domain names into Korean Script Zone LGR make sense to me.
But, seriously, Hangul-Hanja mixed domain name allowance? Seriously? Seriously, in 21st century world?
I do not disagree with the necessity of both Hangul and Hanja are needed in K-LGR repertoire. I agree that both are needed. But when we're talking about mixed usage, no way.
This proposal reminds me of the Top Level Domain name "닷컴", which is a transliteration of "dot com" into Hangul. It is NOT a transliteration of "com", old and very popular Top Level Domain name. According to the ICANN wiki page article about "닷컴" TLD, we totally needed a Top Level Domain name which is a transliteration of "com", which is "컴". Instead of using naver.com, typing 네이버.컴 would "greatly increase the appeal and value of internationalized addresses in Korea".(Cf. naver.com is one of the most popular website in South Korea.) But the chosen Top Level Domain name was "닷컴". Why should we have to type "닷"(which is transliteration of "dot" into Hangul) between domain name and Top Level Domain name even though there is a "."? It doesn't make any sense to Korean speaker. As a result, I don't find any single "daily used" domain name which uses "닷컴" TLD.
I believe something similar is happening for THIS proposal. I mean, more than half of this proposal, especially Appendix, do not make any sense to South Korean citizens. We don't usually use Hangul-Hanja mixed writing for "names" in our daily life. I agree the fact, I totally agree the fact that sometimes we use Hanja-only writing for stating names-only. We sometimes use Hangul-Hanja mixed writing for sentence, when Hanja is used for "nouns" or "emphasized nouns" and Hangul is used for "postpositions" or nouns without any Hanja representations. Very few cases for Hangul-Hanja mixed usage for names are found in daily life. In most cases we feel it extremely old-fashioned when Hangul-Hanja mixed usage are found.
I'm willing to raise this question to the proposers of this proposal: do you have any statistically meaningful evidence for necessity of Hangul-Hanja mixed writing for Domain names? Any modern-age Korean language corpus do you have? I doubt you don't. We can clearly find Hanja used inside "parentheses" after its transliteration(and/or translation) of Hangul in modern-age Korean language corpus. But mixed writing? Except those in Chosun Daily newspapers which are very famous for its long tradition of Hangul-Hanja mixed writing? C'mon.
I rarely find easy method to type both Hangul and Hanja at the same time using smartphones. IOS, Android, whatever. Of course there are few smartphone keyboard applications which supports easy typing of Hanja while typing Hangul, but they are not OS built-in. Usually, we have to switch entire keyboard application when typing Hanja. Most of the built-in keyboard application supports Hangul-Alphabet switch, but not for Hanja. Then who'll be able to type Hangul-Hanja mixed domain names when using smartphone?
Again, I agree with the necessity of Hanja-only domain names for Korean language speakers. It's definitely part of the Korean language. But Hangul-Hanja mixed is just useless, no doubt. 
I can easily find that Kyongsok KIM, who is the chair of the committee which made this proposal, is trying to use this Hangul-Hanja mixed domain for running his homepage, which is 데이터베이스硏究室阿斯達.pusan.ac.kr/~gimgs0 . I wasn't able to type this address using smartphone. I googled for his homepage and then dragged and copied and pasted here. 
As a conclusion, I suggest amendments for the section 7 of this proposal. "A label may consist
of Hangul syllables only, or Hanja characters only. No Hangul syllables and Hanja characters mixed usage are allowed."

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