[Comments-korean-lgr-25jan18] Comments to Korean-LGR

王伟 wangwei at cnic.cn
Thu Mar 15 13:57:03 UTC 2018

Thanks for Korean community's work on KGP RZ-LGR proposal.

below are my comments.


I am happy to see KGP included over four thousand Han(Hanja) characters into the repertoire, and defined their own Hanja variant mappings based on the coordinaiton result of C and K in March, 2017.

However, since CGP is stilling adjusting the repertoire and variant mappings according to IP's feedback, some CGP characters might be deleted, some CGP variant mappings might be changed, which means, the Hanja variant mappings might be affected consequently. So I suggest CJK's final proposal documents should be released at the same time only after mutual checking on each other's final version.


I noticed that a new Hanja-Hangul variant mapping type was introduced into KGP proposal. I understand this is some attempt to help address the DNS abuuse issue casued by visual similarity. However, this cross-script variant mappings will cause cross-script label blocking as well. Traditionally, the variant definition of Chinese characters is all about meaning and pronounciation, visual similarity has never been taken into account. I wonder if this new variant type will bring confusion and chaos to the current Chinese script domain name practice and experience which have been established in Chinese community over the past 10 years.

I urge that further investigation and coordinaiton should be carried out between CJK before we reach the consensus and take simultaneous Action.



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