[Comments-ncap-study-1-13feb20] Comment on Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) Study 1

Bill Jouris b_jouris at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 31 20:26:57 UTC 2020

ICANN has a large project in progress for the Internationalization of Domain Names.  As part of this, we are identifying letters (or other symbols) which are readily confused with, or even totally indistinguishable from, letters in other scripts.  For example, the Cyrillic Small Letter O (Unicode 043E) is indistinguishable with the Latin Small Letter O (Unicode 006F).  And there are several other scripts which also contain letters which also are simply a circle.  Given that ICANN already has established a TLD of .ooo (using the Latin Letter O), there is an obvious possibility of a collision with a TLD from any of those scripts.  
It is surprising that those kinds of collisions didn't even get a mention.  Going forward, they seem likely to be one of our most common cases. 
Bill Jouris 
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