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Bruce Henry Lambert lambert at ieee.org
Tue May 30 08:46:11 UTC 2017

Against Renewal of .NET registry agreement between ICANN & Verisign [supplement]

Summary Position of this Comment: STRONG OPPOSITION

Regarding proposed .NET registry renewal posted by ICANN at:

Supplement to our prior points:

We belatedly recognize some comments critical of Verisign and/or ICANN
have been anonymized, the submitters perhaps fearing retaliation or
blacklisting. This highlights the possibility many more members of the
public might wish to comment, but don't participate due to ICANN /
Verisign vast powers, monopolist strength, and our continuing
significant need for services under the control of those being
critiqued. In such sense, is this public comment exercise at all valid
or realistic?

ICANN and Verisign employ top tech people, but they're likely
underpaid. It's the technical sections that keep the internet safe and
secure, yet too much of the multimillions rolling through these
organizations goes to executive strategies for monopoly.

The contracting procedure offering the no-bid monopoly to operate .NET
& .COM contradicts two of ICANN's Core Values: [Use market mechanisms
to promote a competitive environment] and [Promote competition to
benefit the public interest]. ICANN could & should investigate,
calculate & publicly reveal alternatives to the costs of continuing
the Verisign monopoly.

Thank you all involved for maintaining our multi-stakeholder environment.

Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert
Stockholm, Sweden

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