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Subject: [Ext] .Net Registry Agreement

Dear Karla Hakansson,

I have left this rather late and I am travelling tomorrow. I do not want to miss the deadline so could you please register the following comment for me in respect of the consultation on the .NetRegistary Agreement:

In April, 2017, the Internet Watch Foundation, the UK's hotline for dealing with reports of child abuse images (child pornography) found on web sites, showed that in 2016 20% of all the reports it received came from sites within the .net domain. In previous years similar high proportions of such images were also found wihtin the .net domain. This shows the problem is chronic and systemic.

Verisign should not be awarded or allowed to hold the .net Registry Agreement until such time as they produce a convincing plan to address and put right this scandalous state of affairs.


John Carr

For and on bedhalf of the (UK) Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety


The European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online
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