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Dear all
  Due some time working here talking with new gTLDs I know, may be better than others not so involved, the content of the Registry Agreements for the new registries.
The general idea I am reading in this draft is to adequate similar terms to legacy TLDs.
 Prices – setting limit for almost 9 US$, in my opinion does not impact directly registrants due two reasons: registrars will negotiate best prices based on market demand and  since Registries had the obligation to sell to all interested certificated registrars makes the basic price be basically the same – to end users the registrar is the key interface to control.
Verisign used to be controlled basically due .com  by antitrust laws in US ( and so by NTIA) since all registries are, per definition, a monopoly and .com was out of doubt the larger registry under one string.
Due such control , I believe, Verisign is also compliance with all requirements under .Net , as stated by ICANN, to avoid any problem with local authorities.
 Demand for Escrow format , BRDA and API spec as ICANN is demanding for new gTLDs, I see as very positive for end users, as relevant guaranties. New Whois is also relevant for improve data privacy.
Other points as they had incorporated to .ORG agreement, I believe shall be repeated, it was discussed when was for the new agreement under dot org, since both registries had same previous agreement and we shall avoid different agreements for each registry.
 In general,
I haven’t see any point that I would raise as not of end use interest.
Vanda Scartezini

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