[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Comment on proposed removal of pricing cap on .org domains

Kevin Jackson kjackson at bizzone.com
Thu Mar 28 17:13:51 UTC 2019

I appreciate this is a complex and always moving industry - I have been a
professional working in this field for 24 years, and have seen the evolution
and blossom of a dynamic, market-driven and endlessly surprising ecosystem
online. This proposal brings to mind the early days of only one registrar
for the main TLDs - and how vulnerable we all were to their business
practices. In my opinion opening that up to competition was a very good
thing, and has partially contributed to where we are today. 


Having one company able to control pricing for an entire TLD, and to have no
restrictions, controls or guidelines on their ability to increase the
pricing: is in my opinion creating a monopoly, with all that implies -
definitely counter to the idea of a free market. Especially in the area of
.org, which is traditionally - and branded - to be the domain for
not-for-profits, our main client base, and I know they are very sensitive to
running costs and overhead. 




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