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The WHOIS PRIVACY Group, a pseudo-gTLD operator .lgbtr.com dedicated to the
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Resource community, publicly
expresses its comments on ICANN's ".ORG" proposals.

It is well known to every Internet community that the original 7 gTLDs,
created by Postel in the 1980s, are of great importance to the DNS system
and to Internet governance.

It is also a notary public that ICANN has been adopting unpopular measures
without a broader debate with the multisector community and with consumers.

It may be noted that the ICANN New gTLD Program has failed and that ".com",
".net" and ".org" domains are of great importance as they are relatively
well-known and have regulated prices for the benefit of all.

ICANN, by removing the price cap restriction on old gTLDs, will be creating
economic turmoil and harming thousands of people and organizations.

Old gTLDs, in addition to having community-friendly control, also become
alternatives to ccTLDs in dictatorial countries and without press freedom.

ICANN has been taking steps to earn more and be able to pay high salaries
to its employees and the board, creating excuses to harm the community.

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