[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] .org price cap

Joseph M. Newcomer supuflounder at icloud.com
Wed Apr 24 10:42:50 UTC 2019

.org is for nonprofits.  Many nonprofits are small, local organizations with very limited budgets.  They have allocated money to create their domain name.  I did not see a requirement that all .org domains must raise prices uniformly, and therefore if a broker sees an opportunity to make a huge pile of money on a domain name, that broker is free to set the price to be, for example, a factor of ten higher.  

The wording suggests that existing .org domains are protected against being driven out by rapacious pricing, but it does not appear to protect future .org domains from becoming victims of unfair pricing changes.  I think the entire idea of removing price protections for nonprofits seems to be solely to benefit for-profit entities.  Has no one seen the irony here?

Leave the .org pricing cap in place.  Better still, make it the lesser of 10% and the current inflation rate.  Nonprofits are protected entities in many ways, and this proposal is like saying, “Sure, you’re a nonprofit.  But we will allow for-profit corporations to tax you for your domain name, and to tax you at arbitrary and unlimited rates, so tighten your belts, and let for-profit corporations drive you out of an Internet presence, or force you to divert resources that could be spent in the public interest be spent instead to make wealthy for-profits even wealthier.”

I vote “NO!” to this proposal.

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