[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Can we not break the internet?

CJ Mallette cj_art at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 24 12:01:39 UTC 2019

Perhaps you can raise the qualifications for registering a .org TLD, such as those understood to exist for .edu TLDs?

Raising rates for renewals for .org TLDs is something that I would expect would break the internet.

.org conveys a since of legitimacy and trust to the original registrars of domains such as Debian.org, KDE.org, Gnome.org, and Wikipedia.org, among other smaller non-profit entities around the country if not globally.

Removing the caps on the rates for renewal removes the promise that serious negative disruptive impact on the lives for people around the world, and especially in the USA, would not happen. It undermines the confidence and trust placed in the .ORG TLD. ICANN is the vanguard of this trust. This is not a decision that I believe should be taken lightly.
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