[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

Marshall Anderson marshalla at ndhc.org
Wed Apr 24 12:56:43 UTC 2019

To the ICANN Staff and Board

I am the IT department head for a non-profit organization, with multiple .org domains under our umbrella of services.

While we can certainly understand and relate with the desire to streamline and optimize processes to reduce overhead, the .org gTLD is special both in its legacy and purpose, and should thus then be treated with the care and thoughtfulness that it deserves.  I feel that removing fee caps for the .org domain poorly reflects upon ICANN’s mission to provide operational stability to the internet.  In removing fee caps, you will remove the stability and dependability of access to millions of current and future non-profit organizations that use the .org gTLD to communicate and spread their community driven goals.

In addition, implementing URS before the Rights Protection Mechanism Working Group finishes their review is outside of your mandate or authority.  Until such time as the “Bottom up” approach that ICANN “supposedly” uses finishes its process, there is no authority entrusted to ICANN staff to implement such policy.

Marshall Anderson
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