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I am a self-employed artist and I am against a price increase as proposed
in the .org Renewal Agreement proposed by ICANN. According to the Public
Comments section of the renewal proposal page on icann.org, a price
increase is proposed for .org, .info, and .biz websites. I myself use a
.org domain, which I purchased from a domain name service that was
recommended from a friend. I use my site as an online portfolio, and a
price increase to such .org domains will make it harder for artists,
writers, bloggers, and anyone else that wants to start a small nonprofit
organization or site, to do so, if the prices increase. It says that prices
are not proposed to increase for current domain name holders--but what if I
want to start a new site? Will the price increase for my next purchase? The
proposal page is worded very opaquely, with language that is difficult to
understand, with numerous links to laws, and the price increase is only
briefly mentioned 6 or 7 paragraphs down - the most important point that
small businesspeople would care about. This particular change should not
pass to keep power in the hands of individuals, and to keep it out of
larger corporations, or domain name service organizations that might not
treat smaller businesses so well (as I have heard, this is the case with


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