[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Regarding.org Price Increase

Andrew Morgan criticalslinky at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 19:11:54 UTC 2019

I make websites for a living. While I do not own a .org TLD, I have worked
for many non-profits that do. They are always strapped for cash, and
working for them often requires lower fees on my part. But I do it anyway,
because the work they are doing is important.

I respect and believe in free market economics, but as we know from our
history, allowing a monopoly to set its own prices only benefits a few
individuals, and never the end user.

Considering non-profits protect our rights, environment, and address social
ills, it is in everyone's best interest to make it as easy as possible for
them to operate. The federal government does it by not taxing them,
individuals do it by providing financial contributions, and I do it by
offering reduces fees.

I urge you to protect those that protect us. Keep the fees for .org domains
as low as possible. Thank you for considering the impact of this decision.

-Andrew Morgan
* Web Mason*

* www.andrewmorganinc.com <http://www.andrewmorganinc.com> (7
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