[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] I am opposed to the .org price hikes

Barbara Stafford barbarastafford at me.com
Thu Apr 25 20:26:51 UTC 2019

As someone who owns a few different domain names -- including 2 .org accounts, I cannot see why Icann is pushing to make yearly price hikes to the .org domains and any other domains.

There are many small businesses and nonprofits out there using .org domains that are helping a lot of people -- which are struggling to make ends meet. Your proposal can create financial hardship and uncertainty for businesses about how big a price hike they are going to have next year, and the year after.

Please do not adopt this "we can raise the rates as high as we please because you have no other choice as we're your only solution if you want privacy for your domains” policy.

I am highly opposed to the price hikes -- and the fact that fees would continue to grow every year.

Thank you 

Barbara Stafford
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