[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] In regards to price increase

The Baked Cat admin at bakedcat.org
Thu Apr 25 20:56:51 UTC 2019

I have a .org site.  It's a non-profit.  I run a few ads to try and help
with income, but I have received none.  No help.   The purpose of my
website, is to challenge people to think for themselves.  To supply
actual information that is not twisted to the will of one political
party, or in favor of anything.  I try to focus on facts, and truth,
while adding humor to brighten peoples days.  If you believe you can
trust everything that comes out of CNN, why not jack their prices up for
being completely off the mark, and their efforts for dividing our
country further. 

This affects me more than some.  As I stated I'm a non-profit .org. 
Again my mission is to spread truth, or to awaken people to false
realities and guide them to truth.  No matter how crazy of a manner I
find to do so.  I take in 0 dollars, I pay for everything.  There are a
lot of other people just like me, that are trying to help change the
world for the better.  Why would you even think of punishing people
trying to do the right thing.  I can understand if some methods or
material may upset certain people.  The truth is still the truth, an eye
or a mind open to think for themselves is in itself priceless.  

Ever since ICANN took over, things have gotten worse.  I've seen (from
doing marketing and sales in the past) a massive drop in framework for
anyone to try and earn.  Social media blackouts of accounts, social
media shadow banning accounts, google tanks search results after months
of leading with keywords and solid foundation built.  I've been shafted
by every Tech giant out there.  I maintain on my own.  These companies
that I speak of are doing more damage than they are good.  Perhaps you
should look into them.  Rather than trying to harm those that are trying
to help.  Would you rather have your neighbors help you out in a time of
emergency, or is your aim much like this, where your neighbors you have
no problems causing life to be more difficult.  The web is a free space
of information, ideas, and a superb means of communication.  Leave the
net free.  Leave the net alone.

The Baked Cat

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