[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] please prevent hiking the prices of ORG and other high level domains

Dror Mikdash drormik at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 25 12:15:13 UTC 2019

It’s bad enough that we – the  entrepreneurs - are being held up by domain hogs that take over millions of domain names –  “for ransom” – (  ICANN making huge amounts of these domain hogs - in the process. You know I’m right), the domain prices have risen  up significantly in recent years.

“The internet” should be affordable.
It should not be the sole domain of the ultra rich

Increasing costs  would  make it so.  You will in essence be making it a rich boys club
Hiking domain prices would suffocate deter low-income peoples from inventing and succeeding

I hope you will reconsider this approach, and think of ways of reducing domain costs

Dror Mikdash

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