[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Renewal fee increase

paul at paulcull.org paul at paulcull.org
Thu Apr 25 21:40:24 UTC 2019

Dear Icann,


As the owner of several .org sites for many years, I am dismayed to hear
that once again ICANN is proposing to allow remove the price caps on these


The majority of the sites that I ran, such as www.certbrasil.org
<http://www.certbrasil.org>  or my own site www.paulcull.org
<http://www.paulcull.org>  are non-profit sites, and I would be unable to
maintain them if the pricing was to increase beyond the current 10% annual

In this day of rampant commercialization and exploitation of the internet by
a few mega-players, please help ensure that the little guys such as myself
can continue to maintain their own sites by not removing the existing
pricing gap.


Thank you,


Paul David Cull

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