[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Opposed to the new .org agreement

Jesse Hawks Jesse at vitaimaging.com
Thu Apr 25 12:28:11 UTC 2019

I am a domain name registrant, as well as a small business owner. One of
the functions of my company is suggesting the best solutions for an
organization, many of which are non-profits. We recommend the use of .org
addresses for these clients, as it is the most recognized TLD for
non-profits and gives an immediate recognition of their status.
Additionally many non-profit organizations simply do not have substantial
capital to invest in a digital presence, which is vital for their exposure
and growth, .ORG addresses are a cost effective solution for what otherwise
could cost thousands of dollars.

By changing these policies you not only hurting these organizations but in
our opinion marking the .org and .info TLD's as obsolete and unessential as
the value they afford a customer will vanish.

ICANN does not seem to recognize the difference between a legacy extension
created with the support of the US government, that predates the existence
of ICANN and that has millions of existing users and the brand new
extensions that started off with a new set of rules, in particular no price
controls, and no existing registrants. They have completely different
characteristics, history, and ownership structure. It is not acceptable for
ICANN to ignore these differences and to propose that they be treated the

Removing price caps is not fair to .org domain owners. Many of them have
websites that they have used for years. If price caps are removed, the cost
to renew their domain names may become too expensive, and they could be
forced to give up websites that are important to them.

The Uniform Rapid Suspension policy is too new and untested to apply on
domain names that may be 20 years old or more. With the URS, the domain
names could be taken down in a matter of days with little notice.

ICANN should be doing more to protect owners of .org domain names. Why is
ICANN trying to remove price protections for .org domain owners, so many of
which are non-profits, so that they can be overcharged for their domain
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