[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Comments on .org registry agreement.

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Thu Apr 25 23:41:10 UTC 2019


I do not believe that allowing PIR to set any price for their domains 
would be good for the Internet.

I think the current arrangement, allowing a 10% increase in price on the 
whosesale price of .org domains is  reasonable. Given PIR's basis in the 
United States of America and the current average inflation rate for the 
US dollar of under 2% I believe the currents terms are perfectly 
adequate to ensure PIR's continued operation.

Additionally, I believe that if PIR is given the unlimited ability to 
raise prices that many people and small organizations will be priced out 
of their ability to operate services on .org domains. PIR's mission 
statement includes the quote /'.org is for everyone' /but if they are 
able to suddenly raise prices I think they will do as such, pushing .org 
out of the reach of many people.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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