[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] This proposal is a betrayal of your prime mandate

LSA jabberwock at piantala.org
Thu Apr 25 23:58:08 UTC 2019

ICANN was created to protect public interest. It is now suggesting to allow unregulated prices in a non-competitive market.

There is no competition for established domain names in .com

Anybody who understands anything about how branding works can see this. An established organization cannot easily rebrand to another domain without great costs and even greater risks, because the perception of the public is based on the integrity of names. So there is no competition, moving to another domain extension is impossible… the public has spent decades now becoming aware of the risks of scammers that buy different extensions with the name of a trusted brand. 

To trust in the future goodwill of registrars is puerile… without contractual limitations, the temptation of increasing prices, where the buyer cannot move away and cease buying, is too great. If it can happen it will happen, and you even offer a set of fallacious justifications for it.

And you are planning this move on non profits, which constitute the bigger slice of the .org extension.

I hope you reconsider your plan. If it goes into effect, you will be responsible for jeopardising a vast majority of the organizations that strive to make the world better. And you will have done it in the name of greed.


Luc Alexander

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