[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] About .org rates.

Daniel Taylor email at dantaylor.org
Fri Apr 26 00:18:15 UTC 2019


The .org domain is kind of like a "not for profit" designation for many 
people or charity organizations.  I personally have a .org domain 
because, as a human, I thought is was a more suitable choice than a .com 
which is a "for profit" kind of deal. Since I use it for my email 
address, it's not really a "for profit" kind of deal for me so I did not 
get the .com, but rather got the .org.

Thus, I myself personally, and also not-for-profit organizations don't 
have a lot of money to begin with. So, raising prices on us would be 
quite a shame.  That being said, I must ask: How much control will you 
have on decentralized domains such as what is being made available at 
www.unstoppabledomains.com? I really pray that you have  less say (or no 
say)  in these newer .zil domain names. I suppose you get my meaning.

Lovely Regards - email at dantaylor.ORG (perhaps soon to be 
email at dantaylor.zil)

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