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Howard Penn howard at so-far.org
Fri Apr 26 00:20:14 UTC 2019

I am writing to oppose removing the caps on .org domain fees.  I run three non profits all with their own .org domains and increased fees on small non-profits make a big impact on our annual budgets.  It will dilute the “public” trust of .org’s as well as more organizations just move to .com addresses or other addresses that are less expensive.  .org domain addresses, like .gov and .edu have a valuable trust since the public perceives them as “informational” and not “commercial”.  On the whole .org addresses have retained that trust.  Raising the costs on the organizations that are helping create a better world and protect the values we all care about does not serve the a valuable long term purpose.

Again, please do not release the cap on the .org domain names as I’m sure that will raise the costs for all of us, including the small non-profits with very little extra money to spare.

Thanks for your consideration.


Howard Penn
South Fork Arts and Recreation
Howard at So-FAR.org <mailto:Howard at so-far.org>

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