[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Do NOT allow the registries to rip us off

Cedric Dettmar cvdettmar at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 26 00:57:23 UTC 2019

The registries do not own the .org domains and have no call on making 
owner's profits for operating the registry service. The .org TLD, along 
with the other original TLDs, were created with tax payer money and the 
value of these do not belong to any particular business to exploit. This 
plan is ridiculous on its face. The .org registry operator did not put 
capital at risk to purchase the TLD. It was contracted as a service 
provider and there is no valid reason why that should change. No one can 
say the .org TLD is under utilized or needs marketing power behind it to 
make the most of it. This whole thing smacks of corruption, or at least 
incompetence, and I hope everyone responsible at ICANN loses their job 
over this.

Cedric Dettmar

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