[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed .org renewal

Aditya Savara daggerspawn at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 26 01:04:36 UTC 2019

This is the information I have received:

“ICANN’s current contract with Public Interest Registry (PIR), the group that runs the .org domain name, allows PIR to increase the wholesale price of .org domains by 10% a year. Now ICANN is proposing extending the contract to operate .org but letting PIR set whatever prices it wants.”

Please keep the 10% cap. As I understand the situation, this a monopoly type situation, and therefor it is necessary to have price increase caps, because individuals with .org domains cannot be realistically expected to have any ‘direct replacement’ product available from competition.  Switching to another domain like .us or .food etc. would not be a satisfactory substitute, because that is like (or in some cases, effectively is) requiring a company to change a brand name.
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