[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] What is the driver for this proposal?

Michael Judd mike at juddrobotics.com
Fri Apr 26 08:30:50 UTC 2019

Since ICANN and PIR are both non-profit organisations, the registration 
price of the various domains maintained by PIR should obviously be set 
to a fair price which covers the efficient running of the organisation 
and nothing more.

If ICANN wants to remove price restrictions in the name of deregulation 
than they need to open up the tender process so that groups that believe 
they can provide the required level of service for lower prices that PIR 
currently charge are allowed to compete. This should be the case anyway 
of course.

If the decision is made to let PIR have a monopoly along with 
deregulated pricing we'll all immediately know that ICANN has been 
infiltrated by either blatant corruption or gross incompetence.

In fact, looking at the current list of board members of ICANN and PIR 
it is immediately obvious there is a huge overlap and conflict of 
interest. Both organisations are effectively now one and the same.

I guess we're screwed.


Michael Judd.

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