[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Changes to .org service

Chris Freemesser chris at freemesser.org
Fri Apr 26 11:34:33 UTC 2019

Hi there.

I've been informed that proposed changes to .org registrations could 
result in drastic price increases for those of us with such domains.

I'm an individual who created a simple .org mail domain so my family 
could have some "private" e-mail addresses.  Right now I pay what I'd 
consider a very fair price for this service.  However, the notion that 
the rules could change such that the price for .org domain registrations 
could be literally limitless makes no sense to me.  Those in the .org 
domain aren't wealthy corporations, we're mostly non-profit 
organizations, social groups, or like me, just a guy with his own simple 
domain.  People and groups of modest means. .org is where folks like us 
belong, and being arbitrarily financially penalized goes against the 
grain of what the Internet is supposed to be.  As such, I respectfully 
request you reconsider your proposed changes, at least for the .org domain.


Chris Freemesser
chris at freemesser.org

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