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Fri Apr 26 11:48:47 UTC 2019


I just want to register my strenuous objection to the proposed .org name price increase. Raising prices on .org is a very bad idea especially considering that many non-profits such as ourself will be impacted. We provide chess instruction, free of charge to inner-city and underserved youth. Chess, although just a game to most people, can mean a lot to kids with little in the way of resources and intellectual stimulus, and has proven, by various studies, to be a very positive influence in their lives. We work on a shoestring budget, relying on a few grants and personal donations to keep going. My partner and I, Vaughn Bennet work with no compensation and have been subsidizing our operation out of our own pockets at times. The news that we could be charged many times more than the current rates is bad news indeed. Each increased cost means a degradation in our service which ultimately means less kids are served by our life-changing work.

We strongly urge ICANN to keep the current rate structure for .orgs such as ourselves, because many charitable organizations are going to be negatively impacted by such a decision.

Thank you,

David Kane, Treasurer, National Chess Academy

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