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Uzay Sezen uzay.sezen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 16:08:38 UTC 2019


I am a .org registrant (not-for-profit).

Removal of .org registration cap is detrimental to many non-profit/charity
projects. Simply with unaffordable prices many websites will be forced to
shut down. Who came up with this most terrible disruptive idea? The
proposal is fundamentally undemocratic, unegalitarian and hugely backwards
move against public interest.

The .org is a legacy extension that predates ICANN created by US
government. Since its creation the .org has built arguably the most
beneficial “soul” component of the internet for the world citizens. The
.org is special in its meaning and purpose among the global community.

Removal of price cap on .org will lead to runaway price increases which is
unfair to millions of brilliant volunteer projects that strive to make our
world a better place.

There’s no defendable justification in ICANN’s unilateral top-down
proposal.  ICANN must protect .org by maintaining a price stability and not
serve for the interest of for-profit registries and businesses.


Uzay Sezen

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