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Jeffrey Tull jtull at socorro.k12.nm.us
Thu Apr 25 12:38:43 UTC 2019

Please do not remove the price caps for .org registrations. The groups that
use .org are typically small, non-profit, or public such as schools.
Opening up .org to market forces will reduce .org to a second class .com.
My school district owns socorroschools.org because our assigned domain,
Socorro.k12.nm.us, can be unwieldily. I'm fortunate in that demand for my
domain is nearly non-existent because it is so specific, so I theoretically
shouldn't care if there are price caps. But if my price of registration
goes up, it is certainly not market forces doing it. Socorro is a small
town of less than 10,000 in rural New Mexico, and the only other Socorro in
the country is outside of El Paso.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Tull
SCSD Technology Director
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