[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Opposed to the changes proposed in the .org agreement renewal

Karl Dollard karl.dollard at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 12:57:21 UTC 2019

As a current and longtime org domain holder, removing the caps on domain
name pricing is the equivalent of a bait and switch.  Many organizations
have held these domain names for a very long time, creating a significant
impact due to having to switch.  And as these domains are held
predominantly by nonprofits, what may seem like an insignificant cost to a
large corporation can be devastating.  This puts them between a rock and
hard place - lose visibility and the resulting donors due to a domain
switch. Or incur potential significant additional costs.

And for what?  Nothing has changed to increase the costs of the existing
contract holders.  The existing 10% cap should more than accommodate any
growth in expenses on a per annum basis.

Consistency in policies is generally a good thing, but the legacy of the
initial domain TLD domain names clearly sets this apart.

Thank you for reading these comments.

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