[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

The Rev. Todd Foster fathertodd at stthomasglassboro.org
Thu Apr 25 13:08:34 UTC 2019

To whom,

Removing the price rise caps (not even price caps!) from the .org represents a threat to all non-profit and public-interest group (like the church I serve). Presently we pay a nominal fee to retain use of our church’s domain name, enabling people to locate us easily on the ’net. Leaving that fee open to unconstrained rises threatens our ability to retain use of that name and discourages us from investing our meager resources into services associated with that name. 

My DNS server does all the heavy lifting, translating the domain name to an IP address. All my registrar has to do is to remember that we are the legitimate owners of the name. Even charging a yearly fee for that task is a bit ludicrous. Raising that fee, in an era of dropping computing costs and increased task automation, seems deeply unfair. Raising that fee in an unconstrained fashion is capitalism run amok.

Registrars already charge my organization rent for a name the we coined. If the registrar operator can’t turn a tidy profit from my fees, then what is needed is a more competent operator, not higher fees.

Please act in the public interest, and in the interest of a more vibrant Internet, rather than in the interest of low-value rent-seeking commercial entities.

Thank you for your consideration.


Todd Foster+

The Rev. Todd Foster
Rector, St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church

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