[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Please do not remove price caps on .org domains

Daniel Longwing longwing at sunkenlibrary.org
Thu Apr 25 13:09:09 UTC 2019

Look, I get it, that nice rep from the wholesale buyer is super friendly.
You like them, you think maybe you'd be friends outside of work. They
bought you lunch that one time, and met with you to tell you how annoying
the price caps are. Couldn't you change that rule buddy? Friend?

Please don't do this. Don't listen to the super nice and super friendly
words of your super charming *salesperson*. We're the people who will
suffer for this, the ones who don't have the time and money to show up,
meet with you, buy you lunch or take you out to sporting events. We can't
guilt you through time-honored "but aren't we friends!?" sales tactics.
We're too busy earning a living to lobby you.

This is a cash grab. It's going to hurt domain owners. Regulation exists
for a (very good!) reason. Don't do this.

Daniel Longwing
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